New member to Altes from June 2017.

Caritia is a dominant, artist and coach with 18+ years experience of conscious sexuality and kink. Caritia was born and raised in London (UK), now living and working in Berlin. Travelling throughout Europe with her personal take on bdsm themes and practices.

Within the realm of dominance, Caritia is a Professional dominant offering sessions and coaching. As an artist, Caritia offers shibari inspired rope bondage performances, demonstrations and offers her knowledge to other artists wishing to explore these themes of kink and conscious sexuality. In the role of coach, Caritia offers workshops, ritual spaces and sessions, to groups, individuals and couples. Corner stones to her work are presence, empowerment (not matter your role) and responsibility. In her own unique and principled way, Caritia sees the value of an inclusive, open space for adult to explore who they are, their needs, wants and desires, viewing this type of exploration, as a healthy, challenging adventure, which can potentially also be healing.


Image by Permission 4 Pleasure