We are organizing a grounded and gentle come down from all the Easter parties for the nature lovers out there. Come back down to earth with this curation of short films on the theme of ecosexuality.

What is ecosexuality you might ask? Do you love the earth? A lot? Are you eco? Are you sexual? Bushes will be shaking, naked bodies topped by cactuses, flowers penetrated, and a cinematic ecosexual bathhouse all will be enjoyed. Other interesting and unnameable things will be done in and with nature. Come get some dirty pagan aftercare, have a hot or cold beverage and enjoy some cuddles – pillows/ blankets/ floor mats provided – if that’s your thing.

Curated by Coral Short

In collaboration with the Oster Konferenz

Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Hosted by Sadie Lune and Altes Finanzamt.

Thank you to Quecke, VIVO Media Arts Centre and Ryan Backer for support with this project.

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